Pokey Pokey

A father starts a journey to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing filthiness of this crime-ridden city.

Pokey Pokey is a short animated film that discusses the arising trend of over-protecting children. When it comes to protecting children's innocence, how far will human go? Since children will eventually grow into adults, and every society will always has its light and shadow, is 'shield kids away from sex and violence' really about protecting children's innocence? Or is it about the fear of children growing up?

In an overdrawn world that looks like a combo of the darkest corners of Las Vegas and the dystopian future from Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”, stress-free parenting is pretty much a mission: impossible. “Pokey Pokey” shows the absurd stage of the efforts of overeager parents to shield their babies from all demoralization and harm – both real and imagined. Instead of changing the degenerate world around them, the adults in Zhang’s animation are merely absorbed in covering their kids’ eyes. An additional help arrives in the form of an intensely advertised soda called “Pokey Pokey”.
Director Junjie "Jake" Zhang
Duration 6 min 20 sec
Countries China, United States
Year 2015
Production Zhen Zeng
Awards 16th Asian Film Festival of Dallas 2017:
Special Jury Mention

55th Ann Arbor Film Festival 2017:
Jury Prize

14th shnit Intl. Shortfilmfestival 2016:
Special Mention

1st Vision Feast 2016:
Best 2D Project

British Animation Film Festival 2016:
Best Sound

Bucharest Short Film Festival 2016:
Best Animation

Festigious 2016:
Special Mention

1st Diversanima Festival 2015:
Best Animation

1st Golden Shuanmazhuan Student Film Festival 2015:
Silver Medal

Adobe Design Achievement Award 2015:
Special Storytelling Designation
Screenings 3rd Minikino Film Week 2017
5th La Guarimba International Film Festival 2017
8th Supertoon Intl. Animation Festival 2017
17th Nickel Independent Film Festival 2017
7th Pune Short Film Festival 2017
19th Future Film Festival 2017
9th Leiden Intl. Short Film Experience 2017
7th ANIMOCJE 2017
13th International Film Festival of Cuenca 2017
5th Tally Shorts Film Festival 2017
12th Shorts Mexico 2017
13th Dam Short Film Festival 2017
2nd Transilviania Shorts 2017
14th BOGOSHORTS - Bogotá Short Film Festival 2016
17th Izmir Intl. Film Festival 2016
9th BANJA LUKA International Festival of Animated Film 2016
10th Hayah Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes 2016
11th Athens Animfest 2016
12th Budapest Short Film Festival 2016
12th Monterrey Intl. Film Festival 2016
13th Rennes Festival Court Métrange 2016
14th Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2016
19th Kyoto Intl. Student Film & Video Festival 2016
20th Reel Asian Intl. Film Festival 2016
24th Anima Mundi 2016
2D OR NOT 2D Animation Festival 2016
2nd Twister Alley Film Festival 2016
43rd Athens Film & Video Festival 2016
5th Underexposed Film Festival 2016
66th Montecatini Film Festival 2015
6th Ars Independent Festival 2016
Animation Nights New York 2016
Audience Awards - Animation Fim 2016
Irvine International Film Festival 2016
1st Doc Sunback Film Festival 2015
1st Laguna Film Festival 2015
22nd Visionaria 2015
2nd IndiEarth Anim. Film Festival 2015
3rd Virginia Horror Film Festival 2015
59th CINE Golden Eagle Award 2015
5th Weyauwega Int. Film Festival 2015
6th CutOut Fest 2015
8th Animasyros 2015
8th Klik! Amsterdam Anim. Festival 2015
8th Kuala Lumpur ECO Film Festival 2015
8th Spark Animation Festival 2015
Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2015
USC First Frame Festival 2015
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